Online earnings from all over the world are in your pocket with Paymes Prepaid Card.

Get Paymes Card

1 No need for a bank account

  • You do not have to have a bank account to get your revenue anymore.
  • Paymes Prepaid Card serves you better.
  • Withdraw your earnings from any ATM you like, whenever you like.

2 Spend your money without a tax

  • There is no tax payment on online shopping with Paymes Card.
  • You can shop online freely with your revenue.
  • Paymes Card makes your earnings more valuable and spending more fun.

3 Load or withdraw money anytime

It is not for getting your revenue only but it is also for loading it too. Like we said, bank accounts are not necessary anymore. Load and spend anytime, anywhere; it is quick and easy.

4 No monthly fee

There is no monthly fee for Paymes Prepaid Card
Paymes Prepaid Card üçün aylıq ödəniş yoxdur.Paymes Prepaid Card üçün aylıq ödəniş yoxdur.

Say hi to social commerce with Paymes App and enjoy your revenue with Paymes Card. (Android - IOS app download QR codes)

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Minimum Pricing Policy

The fee of the Card is only 19,99 AZN .

The commission rate for online payments is 3.99%

What is Paymes?
It is a financial technology developer company that aims to enable users to enter e-commerce faster and easier, and serves commerce through social networks.
Is there any minimum amount to withdraw money?
No, there is no minimum requirement.
If I want to use other Paymes products, how can I apply for them?
You can just reach our customer service. They will inform you about the process and your Paymes account.